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Quantum Pacific Exploration (QPX) is a privately funded mineral exploration company, part of the Quantum Pacific group.

QPX´s value proposition is to produce superior results through well-planned and sustainable exploration programs guided by integration of new concepts, information methodologies, technologies, and a disciplined economic valuation process.

At QPX we believe in conducting our business responsibly in all dimensions, engaging positively with our partners and vendors, earning stakeholders' support, being proactive in our care for the environment, and keeping our fellow workers safe.

Vision & Mission



The Team

The Quantum Pacific Group

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Create value through innovative and sustainable exploration of nontraditional opportunities.

Our Mission

Create and operate an effective and scalable mineral exploration company with high probability of success.


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Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We accept responsibility and deliver on our commitments.

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We have an overriding commitment to keeping our team safe, caring for the environment, and supporting the communities in which we operate.

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Proactivity & high performance

We have a "can-do" attitude and the drive to deliver outstanding results. We strive to do the right things by taking measured risks.

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We are committed to the ecosystem, our team and the investors.

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Continuous Learning

We strive for excellence and are dedicated to creating opportunities that bring new ideas, experts, and technologies together.

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We explore better ways to create value through original thinking, open-mindedness to unconventional methods, and experimentation.

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Financial Responsibility

We emphasize long-term value creation over short-term gains.

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Lasting Relationships

We build lasting relationships founded on respect, integrity, and trust.

Management Leadership

Ilan Naor, CEO

Ilan Naor


Ilan has led QPX from its inception in 2011. From 1996 until 2011, he held various senior executive positions at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. Spanning 28 years, Ilan has initiated and led innovative international joint ventures. As part of those ventures, he has managed complex transnational projects involving cutting-edge technologies. He has vast experience in leading challenging inter-disciplinary, cross-organizational, and multi-cultural initiatives.

Ilan founded and led QPX from its inception. He holds an LLB from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Keenan Jennings, Country Manager

Keenan Jennings

Country Manager

Keenan Jennings began his career at MIM Exploration, where he worked from 1991 to 2000 in Australasia and Latin America.  He moved to Anglo American in 2000 to head up zinc and copper exploration programs in Peru, before taking on a head office role in London.  Switching to Rio Tinto in 2007 to gain exposure to Asia, Keenan led exploration and business development activities in China and Mongolia, including delineation and sale of a coking coal asset in Western Mongolia and establishing the framework for foundation Joint Ventures with Chinese partners in China.  This culminated in assuming responsibility to build the geological function at the greenfields Oyu Tolgoi site in Mongolia from scratch and prepare a team of National geologists for operational readiness.

Prior to founding RED Consulting, he was invited back to Anglo American as the Head of Exploration Governance, fulfilling a critical role in technical risk management for emerging mineral resource developments for the company.

Francisco Camus, Chief Technical Advisor

Francisco Camus

Chief Technical Advisor

Francisco is an economic geologist graduated from the University of Chile in 1965, with 47 years of experience. He is a member of the Chilean Geological Society, Institute of Mining Engineers of Chile, and fellow member of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG, USA). In the year 2000 he was named Distinguished Lecturer for the Society, and in 2006 he was elected vice president of the SEG Council. His experience includes mining and exploration for porphyry copper deposits, IOCG, Cu-Ag strata bound deposits and skarns, mainly in the Chilean Andes but also in other places around the world. He has published many scientific papers and has written and edited several books in the field of mining exploration.

Yair Frastai, VP R&D

Yair Frastai


Yair Frastai leads THE DISCOVERY ROOM. He has dedicated his career to tackling strategic challenges and operational concepts through innovative research, technological development, and strategic planning. For his work in these fields, he was awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Prize in 2005. He has led multiple projects for the Israeli government, initiating far-reaching paradigm shifts and institutional restructuring. He has also successfully directed interdisciplinary teams through the complex processes of development and implementation of these initiatives.

Yair is part of the founding team of THE DISCOVERY ROOM and QPX, currently leading the R&D team within the continuous improvement of QPX’s proprietary New Discovery Platform (NDP).

Yair holds a B.Arch. from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Stephan Zeitler, Finance Manager

Stephan Zeitler

Finance Manager

Stephan is a Finance Professional, Business Engineer graduated in Germany; trilingual and with more than 20 years of work experience in international companies, leader in their field.

He is an expert in business restructuring, implementation of ERP’s (SAP), cost reduction, optimization of working capital and implementation of corporate compliance and internal control policies.

Before joining QPX team in 2016, Stephan was Country Head of Finance Chile in Panalpina, where he led the transfer of tasks to the shared services in Philippines and Argentina.

Previously, Stephan was CFO in DB Schenker, one of the leading companies in international logistics and transportation; leading the finance, administration, human resources and compliance areas.

From 1998 to 2008, Stephan was Deputy Manager of Business Administration at Siemens; where he took financial-administrative responsibility for different business units within the group.  

Daniel Weinstein, General Counsel

Daniel Weinstein

General Counsel

Daniel was previously in charge of the Legal Affairs department of SNC-Lavalin (TSX: SNC) in Chile and Peru. Prior to that, Daniel was a Senior Associate in the law firm Morales & Besa in Santiago, where he led several mining transactions and was responsible for the permanent corporate advisory to Chilean and foreign companies. He has represented all types of mining players: mining project developers, mining equipment suppliers, engineering and construction firms, drilling companies and financiers of mining projects.

Daniel is a qualified attorney, who holds an LL.B. summa cum laude from the University of Chile Law School and an LL.M. from the University of Chicago Law School, were he attended with a scholarship granted by the Chilean government for academic and professional merits.

The Quantum Pacific Group

The Quantum Pacific Group is an international group of industrial growth-oriented businesses with interests across a broad range of industries, including maritime, power & energy, offshore drilling, natural resources and automotive, with operations spanning the globe.

The Exploration Program

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The Team

Our Business

"QPX sees success as:
  • Our people starting each day with a sense of purpose and ending the day with a sense of accomplishment.
  • Our shareholders receiving a superior return on their investment.
  • Our partners, communities, and service providers valuing their relationships with us."
From the QPX Charter

Our Strategy

Exploration Team


The Discovery Room


QPX is exploring northern Chile for world class porphyry copper deposits.

Discovery Room

¿Why do we do it this way?

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Exploration Team

  • QPX has built a capable team both technically and operationally


    QPX has funding to do real exploration


    QPX is focused on discovery

  • QPX is keen to form strategic alliances that benefit both parties


    QPX will explore any deal structure that adequately balances risk and reward

The Discovery Room

The Discovery Room is a dedicated internal Research & Innovation division with a strategic goal to generate new systemic approaches and tools for finding world class copper deposits in northern Chile.




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Discovery Room Operational Approach

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Discovery Room´s methodology is based on an ongoing learning and experimental cycle that provides a platform for pioneering professional encounters and for the generation of new exploration processes, innovative tools, and original data.

Main Components

  • → Constant assessment & performance evaluation
    → Systematic generation of operational insights

  • → Cutting-edge technology implementation for the creation of competitive advantages
    → Experimentation and incorporation of new approaches and technologies from other industries

  • → Systemic & systematic evidence-based decision-making process
    → Fusion of experts, computer science, and crowdsourcing


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The Discovery Room is constantly looking for partners with new and fresh ideas with whom to collaborate on our main challenges in the exploration value chain, and specifically in the underexplored ground of covered areas. These collaborations include strategic problem-setting and specific problem-solving projects that are being developed as tools to impact our exploration process.

Among the Discovery Room partners are leading universities and research centers around the world.

Our Strategy

10-year Exploration Program

Focus on One Country,
One Mineral Commodity,

Well-funded Exploration Program

Robust platform for the execution of concurrent projects

Solid property and joint venture portfolio


Large-scale regional targeting

Strong Research & Innovation division to systematically
increase probabilities of

exploration costs

Reframe the concept of "Search Space" and challenge the notion of a "Mature Country"

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Be "Best-in-class", responsible and innovative

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Discover world class deposits

Strategic Alliance
with Barrick Gold

QPX has formed a strategic alliance with Barrick Gold to explore for world-class copper deposits in a number of highly prospective areas of northern Chile. Barrick Gold is the largest gold mining company in the world with a best-in-class exploration program. This alliance combines our complementary expertise and skills while allowing us to benefit from our respective extensive land holdings.

The agreement is for five years, with an option to extend for another three years. The partners will contribute up to $30 million dollars per year for exploration. Under the terms of the agreement, QPX will manage the exploration program. If a copper deposit project is identified on either Barrick or QPX land, it will be 50 percent owned by each company.

For more information, please see Barrick Gold's First Quarter 2015 Results

Strategic Alliance
with Asset Chile

QPX signed an agreement with Asset Chile, a Chilean investment bank leader in mergers and acquisitions, financing and asset management. With over 30 years of experience, Asset has demonstrated success in completing transactions of different nature and complexities in several industries, with a special emphasis in the mining, infrastructure, energy and foresty sectors.

Under the terms of the agreement, both QPX and the Asset Investment Fund will invest, in the initial phase, up to $15.7 million dollars in a QPX managed program.

Academic Collaborations

QPX has a spirit of collaboration. We actively engage with research centers to exchange knowledge and gain insight to improve exploration and accelerate our path to discovery. We seek creative ways to apply already existing technologies and to develop novel advanced targeting methodologies and tools. 

Our research and educational collaborations include:


Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Alliance Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


London Centre for Ore Deposits and Exploration
Imperial College London

Be a Partner

QPX has a sound and innovative exploration strategy designed to deliver sustainable value and benefits to all our stakeholders.

QPX´s vision is to create a pipeline of opportunities for multiple successful exploration programs.

QPX seeks to produce value through a wide range of new and innovative commercial strategies.

Joint Ventures

Research Centers

Service Providers

Joint Ventures

QPX is constantly searching for exploration partnerships and joint ventures offering:

  • First-rate discovery programs
  • Innovative discovery platform

Research Centers

QPX has a spirit of collaboration. QPX is constantly seeking to engage with research centers and gain knowledge from scientific teams that can contribute to better explore and accelerate our path to discovery. QPX works by applying new creative ways for using already existing technologies, as well as by developing new advanced targeting methodologies and tools.

Service Providers

  • QPX builds strong relationships with suppliers, who are a key component of QPX´s strategy.

  • QPX recognizes each supplier as a partner for success.


Health & Safety

Health & Safety

QPX is committed to the safety, health and well-being of workers, contractors, and host communities. We will spare no efforts in making sure people remain safe and unharmed. QPX embraces a safety culture in which each employee is responsible for his/her own safety, as well as accountable for the safety of his/her working colleagues. QPX´s risk-based approach to safety succeeds when all of its employees make it home unharmed at the end of a working day.

Environment and Stakeholder Relations

Environment and Stakeholder Relations

QPX strives to build strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders by engaging early and in a meaningful way, by generating benefits, and by respecting the cultural values of host communities. QPX is diligent in minimizing the environmental impact of exploration-related activities through a thorough risk-assessment process that results in lasting environmental benefits.



QPX seeks to contribute to the improvement of the community’s quality of life and well-being by listening to their needs and building bridges to the future.

QPX is committed to provide communities with innovative technologies, know-how and training in relevant fields such as sustainable agriculture, water management and conservation, power, education, health and communications.

Our Commitment

QPX is committed to being

  • QPX strives to create business opportunities for local and native communities while maintaining respect for their social and cultural practices.

  • QPX engages in a permanent vision that goes far beyond the approval of specific projects.

  • QPX positively engages with the local communities.

  • QPX stays ahead of community and environmental concerns by maintaining an open communication channel.

  • QPX judges itself based on what it does, not what it says.

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Tel: +56 2 27130000 | Av. Costanera Sur 2730, Tower B, 7th floor,
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Tel: +56 2 27130000 | Av. Costanera Sur 2730, Tower B, 7th floor,
Parque Titanium, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

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